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The Scan Lists Tab is where you would add, remove or edit existing Scan Lists to assign the channels you would like to scan through for each Scan List.

Don't forget to assign the created scan list to the channels you have added.


Scan List Editor


Editing the Scan Lists is the same process as RX Groups, The left column is a list of all channels currently in your codeplug. The right column is the channels you have assigned to the currently selected Scan List.

To open the Scan List Edit form, double-click on any Scan List and the form will open with the list you selected.

Here you can add or remove channels from the currently selected list.

To add or remove a single channel you can double-click on it in either column or click to select the channel and then click on the Add or Remove buttons.

You can add or remove multiple channels at once by either clicking and dragging the mouse over the contacts or by using CTRL or SHIFT on the keyboard to select multiple.

Once you have your selection you can click the Add or Remove buttons.