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CPEditor has a built-in DMR ID database manager. Simply select the countries you want to add and it will generate the list automatically!


Generate New Contact List

This option will download the latest database from RadioID.net

You will then be prompted to select the countries you want to add, or simply use the Select All button to add all contacts.

Import Contact List CSV

You can import your own contact list in csv format, however it must match the headers shown above.


Contact lists that are imported are automatically sorted by RADIO_ID - So no need to manually order them before import.

Due to current firmware bugs, if the contact list is not in ascending order the radio will not display any contact information when receiving

Write To Radio


When writing your contact list to the radio you will be prompted to select the data type - 16 bytes or 128 bytes.

16 bytes - Will only write the DMR ID and Callsign for each contact. So when the radio is displaying contact info you will only see the callsign, no name or location.

128 bytes - Will write the complete database to the radio which will enable the radio to display the callsign, full name and location for each contact.

Do note that if writing the whole database to the radio with full contact details (128 bytes) it will take around 50 minutes to complete!