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The Contacts Tab is where you would add, remove or edit existing contacts. This is where you would add your talkgroups for use on amateur radio repeaters.

The DMR IDs database is written to the radio separately with the Ham Contacts option.


Contacts Editor

Contact Edit.png

To open the Contact Edit form, double click on any contact and the form will open with the contact you selected.

Here you can edit the Contact Name, DMR ID and Call Type.

You can also add new contacts or remove the currently selected contact.

Adding and Removing contacts is also available from the Contacts Tab by right-clicking anywhere on the tab, which will bring up a menu to add or remove the currently selected contact.

Removing contacts will also effect any RX Group and Channel that the removed contact was in. This would need to be manually updated before writing your codeplug to the radio.

Changing the name of any contact should automatically update for any RX Group and Channel that contact is selected in.