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Custom Power On Logos are now as easy as creating your own bitmap image and uploading it to the radio!

No more messing around with multiple software to create bin and flash files to use with the IAP software :)

Boot Logo.png

Read Image From Radio

Please first backup and save your original image before attempting to write a custom image.

This way you have the original that you can write to the radio, should you need to.

If anything goes wrong and you end up with a corrupt boot image, or corrupt menu icons, message David MM7DBT on the forums.

I can send you the original flash file to recover the boot logo and icons. Note: I do not have the Radioddity original so your radio would have the Retevis boot image, but you can change that later if needed.

It's better than having corrupt icons :)

Creating Your Own Bitmap

You can create your own image using your favourite image editing software, like Photoshop, GIMP etc... even Paint will work :)

The maximum image size cannot be bigger than 160x128px.

However you can use any image size that you want. The radio will automatically centre the image and make the background the same as your image.

So if you have a blue background with some white text, the radio will fill the screen with a blue background.

An example of my own below is an image that is only 128x16px

This is how it looks once written to the radio, with my custom 'Powering On' text - see here > Edit The 'Powering On' Text On The Radio