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The Radio Settings Tab is where you would set some of the main parameters for the radio, such as the Scan Mode, Squelch Level, Timeout Timer etc..

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Language (Note that other languages available in the different firmwares are not yet supported)

  • English
  • Chinese


  • On: Screen is always at the brightness level set within the radio menu - LocalSet > BackLight > Brightness.
  • Off: Screen is always at brightness level 0
  • Auto: Screen will turn off after the delay time set within the radio menu - LocalSet > BackLight > DelayTime (10 to 60 seconds)


  • Off: Keylock is disabled completely.
  • Auto: Keylock will automatically enable after 60 seconds without user input.
  • Manual: Keylock can be manually enabled by long-press the rotary dial or by pressing
  • Manual+Auto: Keylock will automatically and can also be enabled manually.

Record TX/RX (Digital Channels Only)

  • None: Recording is disabled.
  • TX: Radio will record only TX audio.
  • RX: Radio will record only RX audio.
  • TX/RX: Radio will record both TX and RX audio.

End-Tone Type (CTCSS Reverse Burst, Squelch Tail Eliminator)

  • 55Hz: Tone sent after PTT is released to avoid unwanted squelch tail.
  • 120°: Phase change of 120 degrees.
  • 180°: Phase change of 180 degrees.
  • 240°: Phase change of 240 degrees.

Scan Mode

  • CO - Carrier: Radio will scan until there is an active signal, waits until the signal disappears and then continues scanning.
  • TO - Time: Radio will scan until there is an active signal, then will continue scanning after a pre-set time.
  • SE -Search: Radio will scan until there is an active signal, then stop scanning and stay on the active channel.

Squelch Level (A) and (B) (Analog Channels Only)

  • 0 = Open Squelch, Radio speaker will play audio without the need for an active signal.
  • 1 to 9 = Required signal strength required to activate the radio speaker.

Busy Channel Lockout

  • Off: Radio will not transmit on a channel when there is an active signal.
  • On: Radio will always transmit regardless of channel activity.

Timeout Timer (TOT)

  • Off: Radio will transmit indefinitely, while PTT is pressed.
  • 20 to 500 seconds: Radio will automatically stop transmitting after the set time.

VOX and VOX Sensitivity

  • Off: Radio will only transmit while the PTT button is pressed.
  • On: Radio will transmit automatically when speaking into the microphone, Sensitivity is set between level 1 and 12.


  • Off: Roaming is started manually from the radio Scan menu.
  • On: Roaming will start automatically when the radio is powered on.

Roaming Mode and Roaming RSSI

  • Auto: Radio will scan the roaming list automatically, will continue when signal is lost.
  • Manual: Radio will scan the roaming list and stop on the first active channel.
  • Strong RSSI Priority: Radio will scan the roaming list automatically for the highest RSSI channel.

Connect Check Timer

  • When in Manual Roaming Mode, Radio will scan roaming list and stop on an active signal. If rotary dial is not pressed within set time the radio will continue scanning.

Repeater Check Timer and Connect Timer

  • When in Auto or RSSI Roaming Mode, Radio will stop on an active signal and attempt to connect to the repeater with the set Connect Timer. If the radio cannot connect to the repeater then the radio will continue scanning.