Make a Donation to MM7DBT Codeplug Editor

Hello Anonymous,

I have had multiple requests for a way to 'buy me a coffee' or simply donate for my efforts in creating this software for the radio.
So I have enabled the ability to donate via PayPal through this forum. If you are logged into the forum then your username will be shown on any donations.
If you'd like to remain anonymous then you can logout from the forum and then use the donate form and it will be displayed as 'anonymous'.

It's never been my intention to create this software to earn anything from it as like you and many others, it is just a hobby.
However if you would still like to 'buy me a coffee' I will appreciate it very much so.

Hopefully I can get back to some normal shifts at work to continue developing this in the near future, There are a few unfinished features I would love to get released soon ;)

(Note: The PayPal page and transaction will appear as FordRadio.Codes, Do not worry, this is correct :))

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